Berlin, August 2013

From SXF airport, we got to the city of Berlin by a regional train.

Train platform in Berlin Hauptbahnhof:

S-Bahn train is coming:

View on train from the lower floor:

These Berlin bears are everywhere:

Escalator to the platforms:


Berlin Hbf from the outside:

Bus near Hbf:

A crane near Hbf:

Another bus stop:


German Chancellery:

Forum am Kanzleramt:

German eagle:

Construction in progress:

Reichstag from the side:


A street:


There are a lot of bikes, bikers, and bike lanes in Berlin:


Some skies:

A bridge:

The most popular and known place in Berlin. Reichstag:

Getting a bit closer:


Brandenburg Gate:

Berlin is full of love. Even traffic lights spread love:

Builings in the city all look quite modern:

Apple Store building:

Though some don't:

A street indicator:


British embassy:


These gray bricks are Holocaust memorial:

And some random street:

And you're constantly being watched. The government has a secret system: a machine that spies on you every hour of every day:


A strange wrapped bike on Potsdamer Platz:

Germans love great cars:

And have cool public transit system:

Bode Museum:

Berliner Dom:

Bulding on the other side of Spree:

TV tower:


Cool view from Panoramapunkt:

Lattice at Panoramapunkt:

There is a way out:

Berlin Wall:

We took a balloon at Hi-Flyer:

Here's the view on the towers:

Same DB tower, view from the street:

And at night:

German Finance Ministry:

Some cars on the ground:

Chocolate ad at Hbf:

Generally, I loved the city of Berlin.