Hotmart Pocket

Hotmart, a platform for selling digital products, wanted to bring to life their new vision of the mobile app. We collaborated to make it real.

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12min mobile

What if you could learn the core ideas from a book in only 12 minutes? That is the idea behind the 12min application.

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"In just 60 days we were able to go from an idea to the first subscription purchase made from the mobile app. As of August 2017, 12min's business is doing better than ever: We grew our user base from 10k signups to over 70k, and they already read/listened to whopping 200.000 books in the mobile app. Gosha was an essential partner in this journey and we highly recommend him."

Diego Gomes, 12min, Everwrite, and ShopStream


Jambler is a sports betting startup. They had a tough timeline for a new feature and they reached out to me for help.

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Brunch is a blazing fast build tool for JavaScript projects. I helped Brunch on several crucial milestones.

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As an example here, we’ve collaborated with Gosha to bring 8 solid @brunch releases since Nov’ 15. Helped real-world apps a lot!

Paul Miller, Hell Yeah


Everwrite is a content marketing platform which connects publishers with freelance writers.

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ShopStream gives owners of online shops an insight into how their business is doing, in real time.

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Gosha built the first MVP for our company a few years ago. It enabled us to start fast, and go to market at crazy speed without losing quality. We're now a happy 150 team, going strong and a lot of the credit for this solid foundation goes to him.

Diego Gomes, Everwrite, ShopStream, and 12min

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