24 Mar 2012

I've been freelancing for a short time now. Just wanted to try myself at it, maybe create some interesting real-world projects & earn some money. I'd like to share my thoughts on it.

Finding clients is not hard

I just occasionally browse freelancing sites for several minutes. Sometimes I see nothing interesting. But when I see one, I just apply to it.

Portfolio ain't a requirement

I have heard many times from people that due to lack of portfolio they won't hired. That might be truth for some projects, however, even good-paying projects I've applied to rare ask for a portfolio.

Clients like to communicate

They like when I update them on every single small change. It creates some effect of nice contractor in their eyes if I communicate often with them, am polite, etc.

Clients are nice

At least the ones I've worked with. Neither of them did tend to ask stupid questions, do silly things, behave impolite.


I tend to think that while freelancing I have quite more spare time. Yeah, really.

Freelancing also gives me some feel of freedom: I work for whoever I want, I work whenever I want, I work as much as I want. And get paid for doing things I love doing.

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